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Poster credits - Viacom 18

Year:  2012
Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Bobby Deol, Sonam Kapoor
Director: Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla, Mastan Alibhai Burmawalla

Movie Shot in - Locations

Image copyrighted to Steve. All rights reserved.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Auckland,  New Zealand

Scene :

  • Shown in the intro scenes of Auckland

Image copyrighted to Lyn Gateley. All rights reserved.

Catherine Palace

St. Petersburg,  Russia

Scene :

  • Shown as Neil's house in Wellington

Image copyrighted to Brett Taylor. All rights reserved.

City to Sea Bridge

Wellington,  New Zealand

Scene :

  • Motorcycles chasing Abhishek and team's car

Image copyrighted to CGP Grey. All rights reserved.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

St. Petersburg,  Russia

Scene :

  • Shown as Jewellery showroom in Amsterdam

Image copyrighted to Katie Brady. All rights reserved.

The Winter Palace

St. Petersburg,  Russia

Scene :

  • Palace where gold was kept in Russia

Image copyrighted to SibleyHunter. All rights reserved.

Wellington Railway Station

Wellington,  New Zealand

Scene :

  • Station where they drive the cars to steal the gold in Wellington

Other Locations

Brooklyn Castle

Wellington, New Zealand

Scene :

  • House in which Abhishek and his team stayed in Wellington

Miramar Beach

Goa, India

Song :

  • Pagli ladki hai naadaan

Sky Tower

Auckland, New Zealand

Scene :

  • Abhishek's first call to gold dealer in Auckland

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